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Public Forum 2022 – Session 107 – Improving Lives and Livelihoods Through Trade in Medical Technologies

Medical devices and diagnostics are essential for long and healthy lives, and an inclusive post-pandemic recovery. Trade allows people around

Public Forum 2022 – Session 77 – Promoting Food security Through Trade Rules as an Important Pillar to Sustainable Development

Food insecurity is one of the main challenges of developing countries’ sustainable development and, due to recent cumulative crises, it’s

Prêmio Broadcast Empresas 2022

Overview of Global Production Chains and Brazilian Agribusiness – CEBRI

Jornada CNA 2022 – Segurança Alimentar

Gender Inclusiveness in Trade: Barriers, Challenges, and Opportunities

Barcelona New Economy Week – BNEW BWOMAN Women’s Equality Courageous women from the fields of science, business and administration have created associations that work every

Palestra de abertura: CESULAW

Assista aqui: CESULAW – 19/10/2021 às 8h30 – ABERTURA E PAINEL – YouTube

WTO Public Forum 2021 – WTO Gender Research Hub

Our session showcases the work of the Hub, and it is anchored in a collaborative paper drafted by 27 Hub

WTO 2021 trade and public health virtual course webinar: Regulatory Cooperation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The webinar Regulatory Cooperation during the COVID-19 Pandemic was part of the 2021 trade and public health virtual course of

COVID-19 and its impacts on International Trade

21st SEMINAR ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE Recording available at:      

Mainstreaming Gender in Trade and Investment Agreements: Best Practice Examples and the missing elements

2021 SIEL Milan Global Conference Program available at:  

ECIPE Webinar: The Geopolitics of Trade: What Path for Mercosur?

A Woman in Charge: Challenges & Opportunities for the new WTO Director-General

Making Trade Policy work for Gender Equality

Trade Policy Exchange is hosting a roundtable on Making Trade Policy Work for Gender Equality. Amb. Stephen de Boer, Dr. Amrita Bahri,

Trade Insights: The Impact of the EU-China CAI and RCEP on World Trade

Skills and Stories to develop a carrier in international trade

Interested in a career in #internationaltrade? Please join me Padideh Ala’i Lisa Schroeter Evelyn Suarez and Kaitlin McHugh Wojnar for a fun discussion on how to achieve

US Post Elections: What Real Changes to expect in International Trade

U.S. POST ELECTIONS: What Real Changes to Expect in International Trade? Join us this Thursday for a high-level discussion on

Embracing Plurilaterals – The Brazilian Experience / Geneva Trade Week 2020

Embracing Plurilaterals – The Brazilian Experience

Live com Renata Amaral – South America Health Education