Public Forum 2022 – Session 77 – Promoting Food security Through Trade Rules as an Important Pillar to Sustainable Development

Food insecurity is one of the main challenges of developing countries’ sustainable development and, due to recent cumulative crises, it’s gaining even more importance worldwide, which strengthens the need for being considered as a central element of the international trade agenda. According to the UN, nearly 193 million people faced acute food insecurity in 2021, an increase of 40 million from 2020. Food insecurity is the result of the interplay of a series of factors operating at different levels, only one of which is trade.

The working session will discuss how international trade can contribute to the food security promotion. The central message is that the WTO can and must be an ally for improving food security by promoting lower tariff barriers; reinforcing the adoption of evidence-based international standards, such as those from CODEX Alimentarius; and reforming rules on domestic support to assure less distortion and fair competition between countries.


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