Book Chapter: International Trade in Energy: A Glance at Selected Issues

Renata Amaral
Welber Barral
Thiago Soares

International trade in energy may be discussed from various points of view. The elements chosen by the authors in this chapter refer to prominent and current discussions within the WTO and South America. At a glance, the article aims to shed light on regulatory issues in the multilateral trade arena, on subsidies concerns and on selected topics referring to energy integration in South America. As it refers to complex and multifaceted subject matters, it is not the objective of this chapter to exhaust the discussion on the energy-related topics of each of the subchapters herein proposed. On the contrary, the idea is to call attention to the current international debate on energy, with focus on South America, as well as to provide elements for further debate.

Energy Subsidies General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade (GATT) UNEP Report Trade-Related Investment Measures Agreement General Agreement On Trade In Services (GATS)

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